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We’re blogging to trade more information about open and accountable government.


This blog will focus on topics that media associations in the Sunshine in Government Initiative care about:  currently our major focus is the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Recently, we’ve also urged officials to speak on the record.  In the past we’re looked at reporting based on unauthorized disclosures, or leaks.

While the Sunshine in Government Initiative has focused on strengthening the Freedom of Information Act because fights for access revolve so much on the FOIA, SGI encourages the federal government to be more open in other ways.  We encouraged officials speaking about policy to be more willing to be on the record so the public could put a name with a comment.

The real reason we’re blogging is that there is more information about more things affecting what we care about than we can put into our website and through our ongoing research and analysis.  We’ve compiled a list of current laws on the books that put information beyond the public’s reach (and exempt from FOIA), but there is a lot of work we do to find new proposals to create these exemptions (known as Exemption 3, or “(b)(3) statutes,” in recognition of the section of FOIA that acknowledges them).   This blog should give us a place to share them and discuss their impact.

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